Web Hosting & Cloud Services

Running a website or online store is exciting! With our Managed Web Hosting & Cloud Services you will get Easy Installation of website or E-commerce store, Faster Site Loading, Automatic Updates & Backups and Security.

Strategically Choose The Best To Run Workloads With A Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. Innovative & Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Compatible to Your Business.

Website Hosting

A Web Hosting plan for business

We don’t stop with above plans to serve better, we offer a wide range of add-on features for example hosting control panels, SSL certificates etc which can be put up on the servers.

We bundle website panels, control panels without any charge along with our Linux servers & a professional mail edition. This mail server make email usage more convenient.

$35/ Year
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
  • 5 Email Account(s)
  • New - PHP
  • 20 GB Disk Space
$55/ Year
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer
  • 20 Email Account(s)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • FREE BACKUP (100% Secure)

Managed Hosting Solutions

We work with an all-inclusive plan that includes proper and absolute website management, without any technical hassles.

We provide Automated WordPress installation and assist you in installing, licensing and configuring your plugins. Migration assistance from any other server with required shared login. Enhance Digitech will help you with all your technical and marketing needs.

Wordpress Hosting

Easy WordPress Installation

Managed hosting comes with tools that make it really easy to install WordPress.

Faster Site Loading

Managed hosting repeatedly results in faster site loading speeds. This is because with our specific server settings that are optimized for WordPress.

Automatic Updates and Backups

This is real big challenge which is faced by the website owners. All relevant updates after testing will be automatically loaded to your site, and your precious content is periodically backed up in case your site crashed or gets hacked.


Your site will also become more secure with our managed hosting, since the security features are also optimized for WordPress or other platforms.

Managed Cloud & VPS Solutions

Our starting ranges of virtual private servers are admired, very popular, well received and a great value for money. The plan comes with a dual core CPU & can be loaded with up to 8 GB memory and two hard disks.

We give the liberty to choose the pre-configured specification and avail a free server setup! With your choice to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. This ensuring best testing and maximum savings.

Best Cloud Storage

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