As a contestant in this competitive business world you are more than likely to have an online presence. Your company must be working hard enough to create an astounding online existence. At EnhanceRank, the Digital Marketing firm we understand your concern. Digital marketing can be a time-consuming process. Even though you might realize that content writing is integral for your business to grow and make all the efforts to write good content however you still might be wondering why content marketing is so important.

The analysis shows that having good content on your website builds more trust amongst your customers towards your brand. When you post some content, the customers start building an opinion about your business. If you post valuable, informative and valid content then your customer will start forming a similar opinion about your business and it will eventually become easier to gain their trust. Also, if you post content across various platforms at appropriate space intervals your customer will start to see you as a leader and will develop positive opinions about you. You need to keep these intricate details in mind all the time and you can hire any Digital marketing firm like EnhanceRank or any company that provides reliable SEO Service like Enhance Digitech.


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If you don’t have a Digital marketingstrategy or effective SEO services hired then you are missing out on a lot in regard with your business. You should have a look at the following before deciding or believing how brilliant content helps in influencing conversions.


“When compared to other ways of Digital Marketing, Content marketing provides nearly six times better results.  ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – ABG Essential

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Smart content can help in significantly increasing your conversions. It helps to improve conversion rates by allowing you to impart useful and informative content to your customers. Thereby, allowing them to make an informed purchase.



Clear and useful content builds and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important part in improving your presence online. However, for improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you must create optimized content. It’s noticed that those business websites that regularly post content are better indexed by search engines compared to those websites which do not post at all. Even though more pages do not guarantee increased traffic, it gives you a better chance to rank for keywords that target users use on search engines.


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Why is content important for Digital Marketing? Because it helps you to engage them with informative content. Content helps in developing your brand image and voice. You can also set yourself apart from others by using quality language that is easy to understand. It allows you to develop your business around informed and educated clients and helps to offer what your competitors aren’t. If you still think that people might not be interested in reading what you post online, then have a look at the following mentioned survey. According to it, 20% people spend time on internet just to read content and approximately 68% of people spend time reading about the brands that interest them. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your content marketing skills and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and Digital Marketing.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and Digital Marketing.

(PRO TIP: Instead of scheduling the posting date of content for digital marketing every single time and individually for every article, you can draw up a schedule for say a week, it will help you save more time.)

How to spot low quality websites?

How to spot low quality websites?


Over years of experience in Digital Marketing Services, we have come across webmasters who complain that they have been using quality content, quality links and are mentioned in quality sites yet somehow manage to get slammed in Google’s war against low quality websites. Despite frantic efforts of years Digital Marketing Agency market has failed to identify what Google’s idea of a quality website is. But don’t worry! Now, our Digital Solutions in India has come up with a pool of ideas as to what a low-quality website is and what elements should be added in a high-quality website.

How to spot low quality websites?


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  1. List of websites: Most PBN and Dropped domain owners have a list of websites recorded under similar IPs. They ask for payments and accept almost all the websites that pass the CopyScape plagiarism test. These are not the sites you should be on to be counted as high-quality.
  2. Domain name and domain history: Usually good quality websites have an understandable and appealing domain names. Also, check the domain history of the website and check the backlinks using a reliable backlink checker.
  3. Traffic: A good website always has a decent traffic. If you want to be linked with some website, then make sure that those websites cater to an actual audience. For that purpose, you should prefer getting access to Search Console and Google Analytics. However, it is generally a bit difficult, so you can approach a Digital Marketing Agency to do this for you. The website should appear in the SERPs, if not on the first result page then in the top 50.

Links: A good website should have a good link profile. One of the best ways of doing it is to check if Google shows sitelinks for the domain search query.

With time and experience, you will be able to spot low quality websites with more ease.

You must keep the following factors in mind to maintain the prime quality of your website.

Image result for good website traffic1. Navigation: A superior website implements only that much of navigation as much is required by the customer to infer what the website offers.

2. Presentation: A high quality websites focuses on providing information first and then the validation. The website should be appealing to common eyes, neat and sorted.

3. Transparency: A good quality website makes it easy for the user to know who is behind the site, who is the site operator and what the site offers.

4. Focus: A good website will keep its main focus on imparting information and not benefits gained from monetization, links and SEO. These remain the secondary aspects.

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SEO and Guest Blogging

SEO and Guest Blogging

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What is SEO?


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SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice of improving the traffic on a website. Search engines index the websites which determine whether they will be good with their rankings or not. There are several SEO Services Agency in Delhi that provide you with these services. To understand what SEO actually means we need to understand the following aspects:

  1. Quality of traffic: It might still be comparatively easy to generate traffic rather than quality traffic. If you are getting unnecessary traffic that doesn’t even generate results is not quality traffic. In order to get quality traffic, you should focus on a lot of other factors. People often prefer only Best SEO Agency in India for quality traffic.
  2. The Quantity of traffic: Quantity of traffic is counted in pure numbers as to whoever is visiting your website. A data-driven website usually has more driven traffic. A lot of new businesses are hiring SEO Services Company India for getting higher quantities of traffic.
  3. Organic results: Usually, Ads make up the majority part of many Search engine result pages. Organic traffic is all that traffic that you don’t pay for. SEO Services Agency in Delhi is often hired for inorganic traffic as mentioned above.



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How guest blogging improves SEO?



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  1. Backlinks: The primary impact guest blogging will have on the search engine optimization of your website will be through your site’s link profile. As you write for more and more websites, you will have backlinks on more websites. As you contribute your content to new websites you must make sure that you get your mentions linked to your website. This way traffic will be deviated in large numbers towards your website. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in Search engine optimization.
  2. Link placement: Most probably you link will be placed somewhere within the text or somewhere within the related environment. Guest posts usually contain an introductory paragraph where you introduce yourself and tell the readers about your background. That paragraph would be the obvious place where you would insert a link to your website. However, this is not enough. You must be willing to ask the blogger to also mention you somewhere in the body of the article, especially when that mention helps the customers, serves value to the post and makes sense in the context.
  3. Anchor text in SEO: Anchor texts in an article are the words that are hyperlinked.

Here is the html for the creation of a link:

<a href=”http://www.pageonepower.com/videos/seo-quick-tips-anchor-text-with-page-one-power”>This is an example of anchor text.</a>.

Anchor texts gives clues to search engines and users as to what the page is about. It often has a large impact on search engine rankings. If you want a search engine to rank you for a certain set of words aka keywords then you should have a lot of anchor links containing those keywords.

However, one must do it carefully as Google might view your link acquisition efforts as manipulation. In order to build links with a natural profile of anchor text you must have links that are not only SEO-focused.



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The easiest method is just to build links that add value and make sense in context. Building these links means you won’t be able to use the exact same anchor text over and over again.

Our SEO Services Company India brings to you the best hacks to utilize the latest features. Keep following updates from our website and our social media handles. Our SEO Services Company India is happy to help you for all your Digital Marketing concerns and SEO Services.

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